ATTENTION OREGON PLACER MINERS – Placer Mining Auntorizations are expiring!

Dear Recreational Placer Miner:

All recreational placer mining authorizations will expire January 1, 2012. It is now time to submit your year-end report for the 2011 season. Reports must be received by December 31, 2011.

After January 1, 2012, you may go online ( to apply for the 2012 season. Renewal of your authorization will require submission of a completed 2011 report.

You may submit the report electronically – go to and click on Recreational Placer Mining Report under Current Information. For a paper form, call David McGraw at 503-986-5294.

Even if you did not do any placer mining last year, the year-end report must be filled out and submitted. Just enter your information and put “0” for the volume.

Information from the reports allows the Department of State Lands to keep the placer mining General Authorization available for your use. Every year we must report to the State Land Board the waterways where work is being done and the amount of material moved in each waterway.

Thank you!

Jo Ann Miles
Support Services Supervisor
Wetlands & Waterways Conservation Division
Oregon Department of State Lands
Ph. (503) 986-5277

I filled out a report but when I filled it out it does not verify that the form was submitted.