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Black Gold Magnetic Separator Featured on Gold Rush

By Inventor Bryon Tolle
Black Gold Magnetic Separator featured on Gold Rush goes into production.

Gold Magnetic Seperator

Several units of the magnetic separator.

My first prototype of the Black Gold Magnetic Separator was introduced to the public on the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush Alaska, Season 1 Episode 9. On the Show I was faced with over 100 buckets of concentrates and only a few days to get things done. But as it turned out, my biggest challenge was Jack’s past experiences with magnetic separators. They are notorious for trapping and losing gold and he didn’t trust mine to be any different. In the show Jack Hoffman had his ‘HOT’ black sand concentrate from the sluice box and he didn’t want me to touch it! That was what Todd Hoffman gave me to process when Jack left. What you don’t know is that Jack came back and stopped me from processing it. Todd persisted and Jack finally allowed me to run it. The gold seen on the show is what I recovered from his black sands.
Black Gold Magnetic Separator

Bryon Tolle with his machines.

If you’re a fan of the show you know that Jack doesn’t hesitate to express his opinion about equipment. What I didn’t realize was that Jack was still not convinced with the results. Suddenly, he grabbed the pan of removed magnetic sands and said “Let’s just see how much gold this thing lost!” Seeing great TV footage, camera crews immediately started filming as Jack panned and worked through the removed magnetic sands. There is only one reason why that footage never ended up on the Show….Jack didn’t find any gold in the removed sands. In fact when he was done, he commented how good of a job the Separator had done and for the next week, we ran all his ‘hot’ concentrates through the Separator before anything else.
Todd Hoffman and Jack Hoffman

Behind the scenes of Gold Rush Alaska, Todd and Jack Hoffman trying out the Black Gold Magnetic Separator.

After the Show aired we received hundreds of emails from gold enthusiasts, sharing new ideas and interest in a Separator for their projects. Since then, we have been adding new features, increasing feed rates and designing a durable, rust free, production model. That work is finished and production has started on our STANDARD model and PRO model.
From the sharing of ideas and my own mining experiences, we designed in several new improvements that the first prototype didn’t have. Such as, a feed capacity of hundreds of pounds per hour, a 10x stronger magnetic system using neodymium rare earth magnets, replacement of painted steel with fiberglass and stainless steel, and dual water pumps that eliminate fine gold losses in the recirculating water. In all testing, the Black Gold Magnetic Separator processed black sands quickly and with near zero gold losses. If you want an affordable, fast and efficient way to recover gold out of magnetic black sands, then the Black Gold Magnetic Separator is for you. We also offer free evaluations of any feed samples sent to us. For more details and a video demonstration, please visit our website at americangoldminer.com .
Gold Separator

A close up of the gold separator.

Black Cat Mining Review

Black Cat Mining is mainly a online gold prospecting merchant. Most people do not know that Black Cat Mining  also has a store located in Harrisburg, Oregon. Harrisburg is located on Highway 99 East between Eugene and Corvallis not far from I-5.

Black Cat MiningBlack Cat MiningBlack Cat Mining

There has been a bit of confusion by some who have visited oregongold.net. OregonGold.net has no ties to Black Cat Mining, other than I do shop there frequently and I do advertise for them.

Eathan Mertz is the small business owner who owns Black Cat Mining and BlackCatMining.com

Eathan Mertz

Eathan Mertz of Black Cat Mining

I bought my Proline dredge through his store, where he let me make payments until I had it paid off. I also bought a Garret Ace 250 metal detector from him as well, not counting all the smaller items I have acquired. He carries several books and the Mining Journal Magazine. I have nothing bad to say about Black Cat Mining. Eathan is a very trustworthy guy.

I recently did a in-store interview with Eathan of Black Cat:

OG: How did you become involved with gold prospecting?

Eathan: I am originally from southern Oregon and my family had claims on Graves Creek. I found my first nugget when I was around eight. There was always vials of gold and black-sand in my Mothers hutch and I found it interesting. When I was older I was doing internet consulting and I really liked watching the gold shows, and I started going out.

OG: What is the best selling item this time of year? (December)

Eathan: This time of year it is rock tumblers and rock-hammers. Sluice boxes sell also, but tumblers are the most popular.

OG: What model of metal detector do you use?

Eathan: I have three. I have a older White’s Goldmaster V-SAT, a Garret Ace 250 and a Tesoro Lobo Supertraq. I bought my first detector after saving up my spare change for a couple of years. I thought it was irony to save my change to buy a metal detector to find more change.

OG: What is your preferred method of prospecting?

Eathan: I absolutely love taking a gold pan out and going crevicing, but dredging is pretty amazing. Just being out there in the outdoors and in the wilderness is half of it. Going home with some gold  is good too.

Gold Nugget

The gold nugget Eathan found when he was around eight years old.

If you happen to stop by Black Cat Mining tell them that Oregon Gold sent you. If your not in the neighborhood they do have online sells as well, just click the banner at the top of this page.

Gold Panner’s Guide To The Oregon Cascades: Book Review

Tom (T.H.) Bohmker is a gold miner and author of many gold prospecting and gold mining guides. OregonGold.net is one of the few online retailers of his books, and in recent conversion the subject came up about his newly released book entitled “Gold Panner’s Guide To The Oregon Cascades.” I was drawn to the book, because it entails information about a lot of places I have prospected and gold hunted, such as Quartzville, Calapooia River, Blue River, Bohemia area (including Brice & Sharps Creeks), the North & South Forks of the Umpqua River…just to name a few.

I do a lot of research for this website and have posted information on many of these gold locations myself. I must say that Tom has insider information as to where to find gold in the State of Oregon. If you… as a internet user, find the information posted here at oregongold.net useful, then you will be wise to invest in this book. This book goes into much further detail, than the information posted on this website. The information he covers gives a rare, if ever seldom heard or read history that any true gold miner or prospector hungers to learn. After all, gold prospecting is part geology, part mystery and part treasure hunt, and in order to find the gold you must do your research and learn. This book is a very good research tool.

After doing much research, about many of these places where to find gold in Oregon, I am envious of the knowledge of information in this book. I told Tom I would not give away all his secrets in this book and would keep most of information I give away here to a minimum. But there is so much information I am just going to say, you need to buy the book to find out. This was not meant to be a sales pitch, but it looks like it turned out that way.  I fully can put my recommendation on this book, and I hope a few of you out there will check it out. I am sure you will be glad you did. To Tom, “I am sorry…you worked hard on this book and I just cannot bring myself to give away any of the information for free. Thanks for choosing oregongold.net to sell your Gold Panners Guides. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

If you would like to purchase “Gold Panner’s Guide to the Oregon Cascades”, you may find it by clicking right here ——->  Gold Books

We also carry other mining and prospecting guides by Tom (T.H.) Bohmker as well as other gold mining and prospecting books.

GPAA Alaska Expedition Review

This is one person’s point of view on the experience known as the Alaska Expedition that is put on every year by the Gold Prospectors Association of America:

My overall experience was great in Nome, Alaska. I had a very good time and met a lot of genuine folks. The overall value of the trip may differ from one person to another, but I feel the value of the experience far out-weighed what you bring back in gold. They say that if you work really hard you can take an ounce off the beach every week. Needless to say, I did not work that hard. Getting an ounce a week, would be weather permitting anyways, since the beaches were cleared because of bad weather and high tides for about 4 days out of my two week stay.

Typical Beach Box Setup on the beach in Nome, Alaska

Typical Beach Box Setup on the beach in Nome, Alaska

My first day working the beach box, I hit a mean pay streak and took about two to three pennyweight. I was so excited I over-worked myself and limited myself the next day. In all, I brought back just under three quarters of an ounce which is not too bad considering (like I already mentioned) I did not work very hard. I found a small nugget metal detecting and if I had more time, I probably would have found another.

My first day on the beach. This was a typical pan after 15 minutes.

My first day on the beach. This was a typical pan after 15 minutes.

The staff involved are what make this trip worth it! People are mostly friendly, helpful and really go out of their way, if you need any help. I met a lot of really good people, and would like to think I made a few friends as well. This was the best part of the trip, in my opinion. There is nothing like being out on the tundra with good hearted folks sharing stories, joking around and finding some gold. Just be careful of the tundra sharks!

Some of the Cripple River staff with myself.

Some of the Cripple River staff with myself.

I only had two complaints about the trip. First, it was advertised that all equipment was supplied, so I did not ship any of my own stuff up. Some of the equipment was really old and some of it was broken, such as the sluice box I checked out. If I would have known beforehand I really would have liked to have my own equipment with me. Secondly, the meals, although decent, the portions tended to fade  toward the end of the week. Don’t get me wrong there is always stuff on the shelf that you can eat at anytime, but most people prefer to have a “real breakfast.”

There is a lot of scenery in Nome.

There is a lot of scenery in Nome.

For somebody who is planning or thinking about taking this trip, go with no expectation and you will never be disappointed. This is not a trip to take if you are looking to double your money. I talked to one person who actually was expecting to double his money. Rent an ATV! It may seem like a lot of money, but you really need it to have the full experience. Just walking down to the beach from your hooch is a chore. Don’t stay in camp! Go out and explore or maybe stay in one of the outer camps for a few nights. Overall the trip is an experience I recommend if you have the right mind setting. It is worth it in my opinion.

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