oregongold.net has made an exclusive deal to provide quality, rich gold concentrates to the public. Whether you’re learning to pan or just want some fun oregongold.net has you covered. Subject to availability. Our concentrates are not a predetermined weight, but each bag will contain a minimum amount of gold for the price. The bigger the bag the better the chance for larger nuggets. Prices subject to change. Prices will go up in the future. In order to get a better price for our concentrates, we buy in volume. This allows oregongold.net to sell you a quality product at a great price and is why we do not sell small, cheap bags of concentrates.

gold concentrates

Rich Strike – 3 pounds of concentrate: $229

Boomtown – 8 pounds of concentrate: $449

The Fever – 8 pounds of concentrate w/big nuggets guaranteed: $549

The Big Bang – 12 pounds of concentrate: $730 (1/4 ounce of gold minimum)

Prospectors Dream – 16 pounds of concentrate: $1219 (1/2 ounce gold minimum)

Motherlode – 20 Ibs of concentrate: $2295 (1 ounce gold minimum)

$19.99 shipping per bag. This covers packaging, shipping, transaction fee’s, insurance and signature confirmation. These items are shipped twice. First to us from the mines, then to you. I hope this clears up any issues about shipping costs. We could just hide it in the price, but want you to know how things break down.

Prices Updated 11/9/11 Available on special order. Use the contact page. Shipping may be delayed slightly, because it comes from the mine to me, then to you. I am just a middle man.

When you buy gold or sell gold for cash, make sure that you deal only with reputable entities.