Spring is here and now is the time to buy a gold dredge. During peak months it may be almost impossible to find one. Buy one now if you plan on going out this year.

Proline 2 inch Gold Dredge


2 inch Proline gold dredge

Powered by a quiet running 4 stroke 2.5 HP Honda engine driving a 100+ GPM HP100 pump, Proline’s 2″ gold dredge has all the power you’d want in a highly portable unit. The HP100 pump features a flusher port for running a hose and flusher nozzle, and the engine requires no fuel mixing. Gold recovery on the 2″ is also unsurpassed. This dredge utilizes a unique one-piece classifier and riffle system over miner’s moss.

This is a slick little dredge, perfect for small streams or pack-in operations. The flare and sluice assembly comes off with a single wing nut, making breakdown and set-up a breaze. This also a great dredge for day and weekend trips where a larger dredge can be too much work for the time on stream.


Engine: 2.5 hp Honda
Pump: HP 100 (100+ GPM)
Sluice box: 10″ x 36″
Dredge hose: 2″ x 10 ft
Pressure hose: 1.25″ x 42″
Intake hose: 1.5″ X 24″
Flotation: 2 Polyethylene floats – 7″ x 27″ x 47″
Capacity: Up to 2 cubic yards per hour
Weight: 59 lbs, Shipping weight – 68 lbs

Proline 2.5 inch Gold Dredge

3 Models starting at $2,095

2.5 inch Proline gold dredge
The 2.5″ Proline dredge is one of the most popular dredges on the market. The 2.5 is the smallest of Proline’s dredges capable of running an air compressor for hookah diving. Also featured on the 2.5 is Proline’s newly designed flare and sluice box system. Recovery is excellent. The 2.5 comes standard with a 4 hp Honda, but can be equipped with a smaller, quieter and more fuel efficient 2.5 hp Honda for even lighter weight performance, though the smaller engine cannot be equipped with a compressor.

2.5″ Specifications

Engine: 4 hp or 2.5 hp Honda
Pump: HP 200 or HP 100
Sluice box: 12″ x 40″
Dredge hose: 2.5″ x 10 ft
Pressure hose: 1.25″ x 54″
Intake hose: 2″ x 30″
Flotation: 2 Polyethylene floats – 8.5″ x 35.5″ x 54.5″
Capacity: Up to 5 cubic yards per hour
Weight: 95 lbs w/4 hp Honda, 76 lbs w/2.5 hp Honda

Proline 3 inch Gold Dredge

2 Models starting at $2,940

3 inch Proline gold dredge

This is the dredge I personally use and I love it! Suction is amazing and fine gold recovery unmatched. The 3″ is also the smallest of Proline’s dredges to feature the “sure-flow” hose coupler. The coupler makes attaching the hose a snap and the clever design means no change in inside diameter from hose to flare, so plug ups at the flare are virtually unheard of. The unique wave classifier system featured on the Proline 3″ helps fine gold drop out of suspension earlier. The 5.5 hp Honda is quiet, efficient, easy to start and runs the HP300 pump and optional compressor with ease.

3″ Specifications

Engine: 5.5 hp Honda
Pump: HP 300
Sluice box: 14″ x 48″
Dredge hose: 3″ x 15 ft
Pressure hose: 1.5″ x 60″
Intake hose: 2.5″ X 38″
Flotation: 2 Polyethylene floats – 11.5″ x 41″ x 65″
Capacity: Up to 8 cubic yards per hour
Compressor: T-80 (Optional)
Weight: 155 lbs

Proline 4 inch Gold Dredge

4 Models starting at $3,565

4 inch Proline gold dredge

The 4″ Proline is a pretty serious dredge, yet still manageable for one-man operation. The 4″ can be equipped with either a 5.5 hp Honda and HP350 pump, or a larger 6.5 hp Honda and HP400 for more oomph. The HP400 is the only pump in the industry designed specifically for the 6.5 hp engine and performs extremely well. The engine/pump upgrade is recommended for anyone dredging at deeper depths or higher altitudes. The 4 also features the sure-flow coupler and wave classifier as described with the 3 above.

4″ Specifications

Engine: 5.5 hp or 6.5 hp Honda
Pump: HP 350 (5.5 hp) or HP 400 (6.5 hp)
Sluice box: 16″ x 48″
Dredge hose: 4″ x 15 ft
Pressure hose: 2″ x 72″
Intake hose: 2.5″ X 38″ (3″ X 42″ on HP 400)
Flotation: 4 Polyethylene floats – 13″ x 46″ x 74″
Capacity: Up to 12 cubic yards per hour
Air Compressor: T-80 (standard) PCA 10 (optional)
Weight: 208-212 lbs.

Proline 5 inch Gold Dredge

5 Models starting at $5,500

5 inch Proline gold dredgeThe big Proline 5″ dredge offers a wide array of configurations to match your serious dredging needs. The standard 5″ package is dual 5.5 hp Hondas powering HP350 pumps, but dual 6.5 hp Hondas running HP400s or single 9 hp Honda and HP500 pump options are also available. The dual 6.5s offer maximum power for deep or high altitude dredging, while the single 9 offers a little less oomph at a lower price, with the added advantages of weight and fuel savings.

5″ Specifications

Engine: Single 9 hp, Two 5.5 hp or Two 6.5 hp Hondas
Pump: HP 500, 2 HP 350s or 2 HP 400s
Sluice box: 20″ x 60″
Dredge hose: 5″ x 20 ft
Pressure hose: 2″ x 90″ or 2 2″ x 72″
Flotation: 4 Polyethylene floats – 14″ x 56″ x 88″
Capacity: Up to 16 cubic yards per hour
Weight: 300 lbs (single) or 325 lbs (twin)

Proline 6 inch Gold Dredge

2 Models starting at $8,740

6 inch Proline gold dredgeThe Proline 6″ is relatively light for a big dredge and requires little more effort to set up than a 5, but moves quite a bit more material. The 6 utilizes twin 9 hp Honda engines and two powerful HP500 pumps. The 6 can be equipped with either deep water high pressure compressors or standard low pressure air compressors (1 or 2). The powerful suction of the Proline 6″ makes it an excellent deep water dredge and a full 25′ of suction hose is included. The large pontoons create a very stable dredging platform, even in faster, choppy waters, and the engines can be mounted in several locations to compensate for water conditions. This is a serious workhorse of a dredge, with many in commercial operation around the world.

6″ Specifications

Engines: Two 9 hp Honda
Pumps: Two HP 500s
Sluice box: 22″ x 72″
Dredge hose: 6″ x 25 ft
Pressure hose: Two 2″ x 90″
Intake hose: Two 3″ X 48″
Flotation: 4 Polyethylene floats – 16″ x 62″ x 100″
Capacity: Up to 20 cubic yards per hour