During the airing of Season one of Gold Rush Alaska, I did an exclusive interview with Jimmy Dorsey about the show. One of the most shocking parts of the interview is that Dorsey said that the show was scripted. That caused a wave of discussion on the internet in chat rooms and forums and boosted OregonGold.net traffic many times over. Yesterday I contacted Todd Hoffman via Facebook to see if I could get a interview with him. This is what he had to say:

Todd Hoffman: All my interviews have to run through Discovery. Your story with Dorsey was not only false but totally uncool. Take care.

Edwin Waters: Todd, I did my interview with Dorsey over the phone and I recorded it. Everything that I wrote on the site, was from his mouth, word for word. I still have the recording. If you would like to set the record straight, I would certainly like to hear your side of the story. Most of the questions asked during the interview were questions formed by gold miners on facebook, as I took a poll before the interview was conducted. I, myself, I have a neutral stance about the show, but I dont miss an episode. If Dorsey said things that are false I think the record should be set straight, and if you would be interested in doing that, I would like to help you set the record straight. God bless.

Todd Hoffman: I can’t tell my side of the story because the real story would hurt him and Im not interested in a pissing match, I don’t need it. If your going to post trash like that more power to you. You can read a good article by Garret
coming out in the prospectors magazine that I did recently. Good luck to you.

Edwin Waters: I understand and I respect your decision. Good Luck to you too.


Todd was referring to an article by Garret Romaine who is a frequent writer of a column in Gold Prospectors magazine.

First of all, I just conducted the interview. I am sorry if Jimmy Dorsey lied (if that is the case), but you cannot blame the guy conducting the interview. It sounded to me like Todd has a little animosity towards me or at least towards this website. I think it is good that Todd Hoffman decided to take the high road and not get into a pissing match as he called it.

It very well may be true that Todd Hoffman is right. The only way the truth would be known is if Jimmy Dorsey fessed up and withdrew his earlier statements conducted last year. I still have the recorded interview between myself and Jimmy Dorsey, to prove that what was posted came straight from his mouth and was not something that was made up by myself or to promote this website with false information.

I still challenge Todd for a interview. If he wants to keep Jimmy Dorsey’s name out of it thats fine…lets talk about the show. I am not going to hold my breath. By the way, I have been on television myself doing the exact same thing…finding gold in Alaska, and yes I found some.

Todd Hoffman Gold Rush AlaskaThe original interview conducted with Jimmy Dorsey can be found here: Jimmy Dorsey Interview