All the counties that surround Deschutes County contain gold. The question here is how much gold and is it easy to get to? The county has a very volcanic history and much of the landscape is covered in hundreds of feet of basaltic lava flows. The lava flows in geologic time are relatively young rock. Because of the geologic features it usually make this county a strike out instead of a gold strike. With that said, there are a few gold claims in the county. If they are producers or not, that is unknown and maybe they were claimed for recreational purposes. I really have no idea to be honest. I post the information. What you do is up to you. This is where real prospecting comes into play.

The only recorded gold claims that I could find is found in Buckhorn Canyon between Sisters, Oregon and Terrebonne, Oregon at approximately Lat. 44.33233 Lon -121.33835 Please don’t go claim jumping. I only mention the coordinates to give you a place to start if you plan on doing some prospecting in this county. Please respect the claim owners rights.