Located in one of the most geo-active locations on the face of the planet, a team of explorers from the United States search in Greenland for treasures which could include gold, rubies, and diamonds. The show airs “Ice Cold Gold” on Animal Planet, an unusual channel to have a show such as this, but with the great success of other gold prospecting and mining shows I can see why they would want to get their piece of the pie. The group that assembled to tackle the wilderness of Greenland come from different backgrounds and have different strengths. Their biggest obstacle is the very short window that Greenland provides for exploration. The terrain is also a huge and sometimes dangerous obstacle.

Ice Cold Gold

The expedition crew members include Americo DiSantis, Eric Drummond, Jack Duggins, Jesse Feldman, Josh Feldman, Zach Schoose, John Self, and Chad Watkins. The season is underway and airs on Sundays at 10:00 PM PST. As far as gold mining locations, this is a very interesting area, but time will tell to see if the expedition meets with success or failure. I love all the recent shows about gold mining and with this show a twist, because they are not ruling out the possibility of finding gemstones or diamonds. This is entertainment television that makes a guy like myself thirst for adventure and hunger for that elusive treasure.

Ice Cold Gold Television Show

UPDATE: The television season is now over, and the team found a ruby deposit which they plan to mine this coming summer.