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Where to Pan for Gold in Oregon – Beginners Guide

To find gold, you should go where gold has been found before in northeast Oregon,
southwest Oregon, and the Western Cascades. These areas have many streams and rivers
that can be successfully panned for gold.

Mining claims on Federal land are not open for gold panning unless permission has been
granted by the owner. However, four areas have been set aside on Federal land in Oregon
for recreational gold panning:

Area 1. Quartzville Recreational Corridor:
Located in the Western Cascades, Salem District, Bureau of Land Management (free
site). The Salem District Office address is 1717 Fabry Road SE, Salem, OR 97306, phone
(503) 375-5646.

Area 2. Butte Falls Recreational Area:
Located in southwestern Oregon, Medford District, Bureau of Land Management (free
site). The Medford address is 3040 Biddle Road, Medford, OR 97504, phone (541) 770-

Area 3. Applegate Ranger District:
Located in southwestern Oregon, Rogue River National Forest (four fee sites where there
is a charge of a dollar a day for panning in areas adjacent to campgrounds). The
Applegate Ranger District address is 6941 Upper Applegate Road, Jacksonville, OR
97530, phone (541) 899-1812.

Area 4. Wallowa-Whitman National Forest:
Located in northeastern Oregon (free sites). Forest Supervisor is located at PO Box 907,
Baker City, OR 97814, phone (541) 523-6391. Recreational gold
mining in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest are listed below:

Most campgrounds and major roads are withdrawn from mineral entry in order to keep people from tearing them up or destroying them. Currently they do not have an area specifically set aside for mining but there are lots of places on the forest service lands that are open and checking with your local Forest Service office would be a great place to start.

Camping, but “no mining” within the camp sites themselves:

a. Eagle Forks Campground, 9 mi northwest of Richland, T. 8 S., R. 44 E., Pine Ranger
District, Halfway, OR 97834, phone (541) 742-7511.

b. McCully Forks Campground, on McCully Forks Creek just west of Sumpter, T. 9 S.,
R. 36 E.; Deer Creek Campground, on Deer Creek north of Phillips Lake, T. 9 S., R. 38 E.

b.1. Powder River Recreational Area, on the Powder River just below Mason Dam, T.
10 S., R. 39 E.; all located in the Baker Ranger District, Baker City, OR 97814, phone
(541) 523-4476.

c. Antlers Guard Station, on the Burnt River, T. 11 S., R. 36 E., Unity Ranger District,
Unity, OR 97884, phone (541) 446-3351.

In addition, gold panning is permitted on nearly all streams and rivers running through
campgrounds on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and USDA Forest Service (USFS)
land in Oregon.
Maps showing locations of campgrounds may be obtained from local BLM and USFS
offices; from the Nature of the Northwest Information Center, 800 NE Oregon St. #5,
Suite 177, Portland, OR 97232, phone (503) 872-2750; or from the BLM Oregon State
Office, PO Box 2965, 1515 SW First, Portland, OR 97208, phone (503) 952-6002.

Gold Panner’s Guide To The Oregon Cascades: Book Review

Tom (T.H.) Bohmker is a gold miner and author of many gold prospecting and gold mining guides. OregonGold.net is one of the few online retailers of his books, and in recent conversion the subject came up about his newly released book entitled “Gold Panner’s Guide To The Oregon Cascades.” I was drawn to the book, because it entails information about a lot of places I have prospected and gold hunted, such as Quartzville, Calapooia River, Blue River, Bohemia area (including Brice & Sharps Creeks), the North & South Forks of the Umpqua River…just to name a few.

I do a lot of research for this website and have posted information on many of these gold locations myself. I must say that Tom has insider information as to where to find gold in the State of Oregon. If you… as a internet user, find the information posted here at oregongold.net useful, then you will be wise to invest in this book. This book goes into much further detail, than the information posted on this website. The information he covers gives a rare, if ever seldom heard or read history that any true gold miner or prospector hungers to learn. After all, gold prospecting is part geology, part mystery and part treasure hunt, and in order to find the gold you must do your research and learn. This book is a very good research tool.

After doing much research, about many of these places where to find gold in Oregon, I am envious of the knowledge of information in this book. I told Tom I would not give away all his secrets in this book and would keep most of information I give away here to a minimum. But there is so much information I am just going to say, you need to buy the book to find out. This was not meant to be a sales pitch, but it looks like it turned out that way.  I fully can put my recommendation on this book, and I hope a few of you out there will check it out. I am sure you will be glad you did. To Tom, “I am sorry…you worked hard on this book and I just cannot bring myself to give away any of the information for free. Thanks for choosing oregongold.net to sell your Gold Panners Guides. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

If you would like to purchase “Gold Panner’s Guide to the Oregon Cascades”, you may find it by clicking right here ——->  Gold Books

We also carry other mining and prospecting guides by Tom (T.H.) Bohmker as well as other gold mining and prospecting books.

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