Adventures and tales of treasure await!

It all started in 1988. That summer I was working for my grandparents on their orchard in Idaho. I rose up every morning early to move water pipe. I would pick cherries for a greater part of the day and then before the day was through end up moving pipe again. Honest labor and sometimes hard farming work. In between, all that work, I did have a few hours during the high sun, to find shade under a cherry tree and think of things thirteen year old boys do. Although there was not very much time, I was in desperate need for entertainment. I found my entertainment in a pile of old treasure books and coin books that belonged to my uncle. I was already interested in silver coins and had a pretty good collection. I delve into those treasure books and read everything I could get my hands on the subject.

My uncle noticed that I took interest in them, and soon told me of other tales that he had read, or heard. He told me of local legends and history. Some were far fetched, as most tales of treasure usually are, but they were enjoyable tales just the same. That was the start of it all. Later on my interest in life changed, but eventually I came full circle and my interests returned to those magazines that I had known so young.

While serving in the military I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina and I took frequent walk-about’s (as I call them) and came across a silvery rock in the ditch. The ground around Ft. Bragg is sandy. The tree’s that grew there were a knotty pine of sort. The rock in the ditch had obviously came from a quarry and shipped there. I took that 12 pound rock and placed it inside my backpack. That rock sat inside my barracks room for at least two weeks before I located a guy in Fayetteville, NC who said he could identify it. He was amazed when I showed him what I had. I did not know if I had iron, or some other metallic mineral.

After some tests it turned out to be a high grade of silver. I had 12 pounds of it. At the time Silver was selling for around $4.75 an ounce. We struck up a deal and I sold it to him. After all military pay was not very good, and extra money was always appreciated.

Thunder Egg From Brazil

Thunder Egg from Brazil

I went back to that ditch somewhere in in the middle of Ft. Bragg and followed it for miles, turning rocks over on each other. I was dreaming of returning and finding twelve or thirteen silver rocks along that ditch, but believe it or not, I did not find even one tiny pebble of silver.

After leaving the Army, I turned my interest towards gemstones. I had collected thunder-eggs from Oregon, Utah,and South America. Some the size of a small platter. One time, while near Scott Mountain, near Sweet Home And Holley, Oregon I walked up into a clear cut and found a crystallized log. It was probably the most beautiful piece I had ever found, with a rainbow of colors running through it. However it shattered when I tried to remove it. The clear cut was also recently slashed burned and the heat had caused it to fracture and crack.

I mined Holley Blue, and variations of it. I entered into old mines and located quartz crystals the size of a man’s arm. I even found black opal in a old gold mine in Oregon.

Although I still have my rock-hound side of me, eventually my interests would turn to gold.

to be continued….