You might not know it, but the Eastern Oregon Mining Association ( EOMA) and the Waldo Mining District have been fighting stifling and unrealistic regulationsĀ  by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Those at ODEQ rub elbows with many environmental organizations that want all gold mining to cease permanently. Gold Miners understand that there must be a balance between environment and industry. Some of the regulations created by DEQ are based on myth, rather than science. They (the environmental groups ) even have all the major newspapers in their back pocket to mislead the public to believe that all mining is bad.

The truth is…aside from a few bozo’s, most miners care about the environment more than most of these so-called self proclaimed environmentalists who never even step foot into the great outdoors . They just want to protest and be in the in-crowd, without educating themselves on the subject they protest.

Anyways…the Eastern Oregon Mining Association and the Waldo Mining District have been continually fighting the regulations that these wacko’s keep trying to impose on us. They have a lot of court costs and fee’s. They are doing a fundraiser. There are many great prizes in addition to the half pound of gold that can be found on their websites. I figured with the six hundred plus people visiting Oregon Gold everyday that we should be able to support this cause collectively. It is important and we should all get involved and try to do our part if we are able to do so.

For contest information please visit here… Gold Contest (or click on the image)

Also theĀ  GPAA Gold Show is coming up on April 2-3, 2011 in Salem, Oregon and last minute tickets can be bought there to support this very good cause and to get in on the drawing. That is where I will be buying my tickets.